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Meditation is simply being in your breath, which means being in Source energy. Just be in the mid of your core centre, and you are in meditation. It is the beingness that transcends all states. What is Meditation? Meditation is the act of witnessing. It puts us in touch with the witness within us that…

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Psychotherapy ACIM

Psychotherapy is a resource of the Miracle Course whose purpose is to eliminate obstacles to the truth. The goal of this process is to help the client drop their rigid delusional thought system and begin to reconsider their mind’s false cause and effect relationship. Along with being willing to invert their way of thinking and…

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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is also known as The Book of Life or God’s Book of Remembrance. Equated to the super-computer system of the universe, it is a central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived on Earth. It is a universal memory of existence, a multidimensional space where all the knowledge…

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Bio Neuro Emotion

Bio neuro emotion is a new method that has integrated different scientific, philosophical and humanist disciplines, to help you understand the origin of your emotional conflicts and improve your wellbeing. It originates from Spain, and Enric Corbera is the founder. The method has gained popularity worldwide and is now taught, in various universities and medical…

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Crystal Healing

Crystals are natural amplifiers of energy. They are God’s creations on Earth to help illuminate and heighten our divine connection and make messages reach us, crystal clear! What is Crystal Healing? It is the art of using crystals as instruments to direct energy flow, restoring the body to its natural state of balance. Crystals have…

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Distant Healing

It enables the healer to develop the ability to connect with a client at any place on Earth no matter where they are, stretching beyond the limits of time and space. It can either be with the aid of a telephone call, the knowledge of their location, through visualization using photos or a video call,…

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