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Distant Healing

It enables the healer to develop the ability to connect with a client at any place on Earth no matter where they are, stretching beyond the limits of time and space. It can either be with the aid of a telephone call, the knowledge of their location, through visualization using photos or a video call, to do a reading, a body scan or healing.

What is Distant Healing?

Also known as remote healing or absent healing is received across any distance via thought, emotion, and intention and has the same healing effect on the recipient when one is physically present. Human beings are more than just their physical bodies as each person also has an energy body composed of their Aura (energy fields), Chakras (energy centres) and Meridians (energy pathways). Just as our physical body takes in food to nourish and revitalize itself, our energy fields take in energy which the chakras assimilate, and the meridians distribute throughout the body. It is continuously vibrating and pulsating at different speeds or frequency, creating our energy field, which serves as a highly perceptual information centre that receives and transmits energetic messages from the internal and external environment. Thus, the healer with the life force energy, can instantly access the knowledge of the root cause conditions of the client and impart positive, coherent healing to reach every cell, molecule and atom of the body which is fundamental to the process.

How does Distant Healing work?

Our body has energy layers, and each has its function as well as interconnectedness. The physical field is what regulates the human body and has the lowest frequency. The etheric energy is the body duplicate, also referred to as the blueprint or holograph for the physical anatomy that it surrounds, located an inch from the physical body. The emotional energy body is where our feelings and fears lie, and this layer can be quite volatile when we are experiencing extreme high or low emotions. The mental field is where our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and perceptions are stored, assimilated and processed. The final layer is the spiritual energy field where our consciousness or higher awareness resides and ties us not only to our past lives but also to universal consciousness. The energetic bodies are a system of connections and communication links between what happens in our physical form and our mental, emotional and spiritual, all of which are different aspects of who we are as a whole person. The movement in these energy fields causes a corresponding resonant reaction in the others as well as the bodily structure. Our physical body is the most easily visible because it is the densest as the energy it radiates falls within the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to our eyes. The emotional, mental and higher spiritual energy bodies fall outside of the visible range. However, psychic healers use their psychic, intuitive abilities to locate, evaluate, and treat the person and their energy field. They can experience the emotions, thoughts, interactions that mediate through the energetic bodies of their clients picking up the disruptions and disorders, integrating it back to its natural state of wholeness.


With distant healing, one can understand, perceive and experience a sense of unity of all things, that there is no distance between things and thus no separation. It is a proven and powerful form of healing for the mind, body, and soul. The client need not travel or leave their home as the choice to receive distant healing can be from anywhere in the world at any time, providing the same results. It is also ideal for people who are sensitive to being touched or have an element of privacy. Thus, transcending time and space, distant healers bring to mind the intent to heal and grasp energetic information from the energy fields of the recipient’s energy bodies, to help cleanse, balance, normalize, provide relief, and heal numerous conditions. Post healing, the glow from the physical body extends out into the emotional level filling it with peace, joy, love, contentment and overall well being. As the guidance percolates to the mental level, the thoughts of the client get clearer, calm and flow smoothly. Solutions to perplexing problems come with ease and worry as well as troubling thoughts gently slide out of the body. This reconnection to the divine within reignites their flame filling it with spiritual energy. Remote healing treats invisible or inexplicable illnesses, imbalances, psychic centre blocks, chronic stress, self-limiting beliefs, negative patterns and, brings harmony and restores depleted energy levels and instils vital force throughout the physical body replenishing it with strength and vigour.

Requirements for the Session:

The healer will first cleanse and prepare themselves. Then through an internet audio call stay connected with their client throughout the hour-long process. The client at their end will make themselves comfortable in a quiet, undisturbed place and lie down with eyes closed, remaining open to receiving the energy to address all the levels of the being. Healing is about the power of intention, of the healer and the receptivity of the receiver. It is the choice of the client to have a conversation before the session, informing of any discomfort or pain in their body, their emotional feelings, mental distress or thoughts of vulnerability. The healer will then invoke the Creator of all that is and visualize this divine energy entering through the crown chakra of the client slowly filling every cell of their body. At that point, the practitioner gathers impressions of their unresolved issues, apprehensions, anxieties, mental imprints and conditions. After the therapy completes, it is sealed, followed by a practice of dry bathing and disconnection from the client’s energy field and then both parties discuss the experience.

Who should do it?

Distant healing is gaining momentum all over the world, and since it is unrestricted by time or space, anyone can experience positive benefits from miles away. It cures all forms of ailments, including pain, high blood pressure, headaches, phobias, depression, illnesses bringing clogged energy centres back into alignment, balancing the bodily hormones. Set your intentions of what you would like addressed and the outcome you want and open yourself to receiving distance healing. It only gives you the clarity that we are all one, and we are all connected!

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