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Sound Healing

As one of the purest and most potent healing forces on the planet, sound can capture the essence of an individual. It can unify the energy of an entire group, dissolve an illness, penetrate surfaces, travel around the globe and beyond. Sound healing takes you to a full-blown oneness with the cosmos.

What is Sound Healing?

All life is vibration! It has a frequency and a sound even if that sound is silence. A unique sound practice involving vibrations can change consciousness. Sound waves can flow through the blockages within our body and send those listening to become hypnotic and into an altered state. The echoes of sound match the vibration of our body, the cosmic frequency and Mother Earth’s heartbeat and bring us into union with our inner self and beyond. The power of sound can open the energetic doorway to the universe and naturally heighten our capacity to respond to what is needed, bringing fulfilment and harmony in and around.

How does Sound Healing work?

When we strike tuning forks we activate it, which leads to a reaction, thus a vibration, it vibrates as there is resonance due to stored energy. Harmonic sounds create tension through tension, creates release and thereby change. It is an unbinding therapy that allows us to unleash the negativity stuck in our physical and auric bodies. Singing bowls similarly vibrate and produce a rich tone when played. It promotes deep relaxation and offers energetic healing properties and connects us to our inner peace. The systems of the body sing to one another and every cell has a vibration and sends signals, be it from the smallest tiny cellule to the largest organ. The body systems must work in agreement for it to function coherently. If disease and disorders are present, then the cells send wrong signals to other organs. It is an indication that there are likely to be mental, emotional components present or an organ has a challenge. A sound healing process allows, to detect and restore that attunement. Thus, aligning the body in interconnected synchronicity.


It is a therapy that is, practised for thousands of years. As vibrations effect and enter cells, any cells that are out of sync in our body will absorb this vibration and tune into the right vibration back again. It strengthens and stimulates the immune system as nitric oxide is released, with sound therapy. It puts the chakras in order and aligns them, creates changes in the body, by reducing stress and harmonizing the cells. It balances the energy system and emotions producing a better flow, boosts vitality and the natural healing of the body. It also enhances our positive vibe so we can perform at our optimum, thus creating beneficial changes in brain waves. It leads to blood and liquid purification as, vein blockages can be diluted with sound, regulates the nervous system and detoxifies the body. Besides, it stops our ceaseless and often negative mental chatter, as well as offers us an opportunity to inhabit in the present to bring in our attention back to the now, increasing our awareness and appreciation of this moment. Thus, granting us to live a life of self-acceptance, the key to our happiness! Finally, physical benefits combined with mental give us emotional stability as all the drama is in our mind. Instead of edible pills go for sonic vitamins!

Requirements of a session:

Sound healing is usually a one hour process. The practitioner starts by putting across the practice to the client. The recipient is free to talk and make known in which aspect of their life they are looking for remedial measures. Alternatively, they can step into the space dedicated to the healing and be open to receiving the observations of the practitioner. As the client lies down with their eyes closed allowing, the sound instrument, to transmit its vibration alongside, the practitioner sends their consciousness to the Creator of all that is. With the frequency generated, the physical and metaphysical bodies indicate the blocks, through the reverberating sounds which are captured and intuitively known to the healer. Sound waves automatically move into the cells that are out of tune and disable them and transform the stagnant energy allowing renewed energy to change and replace it by cell restructuring. Harmonic sound energy is powerful as the body can perceive this energy and naturally receive and initiate cell rejuvenation, hemisphere balancing and spine tonification. Once, the healing is complete, the client and healer converse and exchange views on the experience.

Who should do Sound Healing?

Our physical body is our temple, our chariot in this life through which spirit and inspiration come into form. So, we must care for it and stay connected to the wisdom of our body. It is time to be more conscious of the sounds of the body, cells, organs within, the sounds which we are emitting into the world and the sounds we are choosing to surround ourself with daily. The goal of sound healing is to create a compelling and positive shift in our mental state. It is a reliable source of transformational exposure allowing a fuller and richer experience of our emotions and a more positive, holistic and healthy way of living. The experience only can reveal its true worth! Honor and be aware of your unique note.

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