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Crystal Healing

Crystals are natural amplifiers of energy. They are God’s creations on Earth to help illuminate and heighten our divine connection and make messages reach us, crystal clear!

What is Crystal Healing?

It is the art of using crystals as instruments to direct energy flow, restoring the body to its natural state of balance. Crystals have their unique vibrational resonance and healing is done by focusing their energy on the affected part of the corresponding chakras in the human body. Thus, allowing it to cleanse, stabilize, and restore the energetic systems towards inner alignment and vitality.

Chakra Crystal Healing:

Chakras are known as the wheel of light or energy centres that lie along the axis of the spine as consciousness potentials and the psychic senses reside within these whirling vortices of energy. Each has its purpose, association and connection. They are essentially not real in the physical sense instead situated in the auric body as repositories of intuitive power.

Base – supports all other chakras, deals with abundance and grounds the intuitive to their body, making profound connections with nature.

Sacral – deals with the sexual nature, natural needs, openness in sharing emotions, feelings and creativity.

Solar – empathetic sense, will, personal power, inner peace, tolerance and acceptance of others and balance between spiritual and material world.

Heart – deals with emotional levels of a person, exudes wholeness and acceptance of love, life and relationships.

Throat – the ability to speak channelled material and the balance of expression and communication – speech and silence.

Third eye – clairvoyant sense, invites intuition and awareness of the spiritual side of being.

Crown – prophetic sense, living with the knowledge of unity and that self reflects divine and using the power of the universe.

How does Crystal healing work?

Crystals as stone are known to possess the quality of condensing energy. Holding crystals or placing them on the body to absorb, store and focus energy is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It positively interacts with our energy field transmuting stagnant energy and transforming consciousness throughout.


Crystals offer various healing benefits as they positively interact with our energetic field and amplify our inner voice. They generate power and aid in opening our mind, heart and spirit to ourselves and the innate knowledge within, which is often inaccessible and shrouded by the chatter of day-to-day distractions. Combined with higher vibrational intentions during meditation, it takes you to a sense of deep purification of self. Crystals act as a tool to help us clear the space and are magnetic in supporting detoxification. While some are said to alleviate anxiety, others purportedly improve concentration or creativity and induce relaxation, which ultimately is therapeutic for stress management. Crystal healing supports in balancing our hormone levels, positively affecting our sleep, health and weight leading to increased metabolic activity, energy levels, focus, clarity of thought and a healthy immune system. Crystals can also be worn on the body or placed under pillows to ward off sickness.

Requirements of a session:

The session would last for about an hour whereby the healer first has a quick overview with the client understanding the purpose of the healing. Next, the healing modality and the entire procedure is explained for optimum curing to take place. The client then lies down. Subsequently, the practitioner places the gemstones on the body aligned with the chakra points. Roughly in the regions above the head, between the eyebrows and on the throat. Plus, the centre of the chest, the belly button, 2 inches below the belly button and the base of the spine. The healer at this point connects with the Creator and fuses their energy body with the clients picking up their thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. Any imbalanced chakras reveal themselves in overly aggressive, rigid, unhealthy behaviours, life choices and physical illness. As crystals act as conduits for healing, they allow positive energy to flow into the body as negative disease-causing energy flows out. Once complete, the client and healer both share their experience. They discuss the blocks in chakras if any, the ones that are spinning on overdrive and find ways to balance and align it for overall well being.

Who should do it?

To bring our chakras to harmony is not only essential, but it is also a way of aligning our soul with the divine consciousness of the universe. All molecules that make up our body vibrate at different frequencies. Each chakra works individually, as well as together. By learning about the chakra system, we can gain deep insight into how these different vibrations affect our energy and experience of life. As we rejuvenate the energy centres of our being by using the boosting power of crystal therapy, we unlock the pathway to release the energetic toxins. Thus, we consciously choose to move towards a healthful shift and live life to our fullest potential.

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