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Angel Reiki

The Angelic Kingdom is your guide to being the channels, the tools of the hand of the divine. This knowledge has been downloaded to Kevin Core from October 2002 to February 2003 by Archangel Metatron.

What is Angel Reiki?

The Angels themselves do all the attunements in this system through the Angelic Kingdom of Light and integrate the Reiki symbols into the practitioner’s energy body. It is through this system that the consciousness of the practitioner and the consciousness of the Angelic Kingdom co join to create healing as the divine mind flows through them.

How does Angel Reiki work?

During the healing of a client, the healer is simply a channel, a bridge whereby the energy of the Angelic Kingdom passes to the client. The healer is a conduit for energy as every healing is perfect in its conception and transmission. The healer is thus able to perceive the causes of diseases and memories held up by the recipient in their body and with their intention bring about the enormous potential to heal instantly.


The recipient receives a downpouring of soul energy through the healer, which causes any old thought forms not in tune with the divine vibration to become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration. Thus, relieving non-harmonious physical, emotional and mental conditions. Angels use this opportunity to reprogram negative thought forms, outdated habits, fears and belief systems that no longer serve the highest good of the client and clear the connections for greater attunement to spirit. This system is transformational.

Requirements of a session:

The first part of the session is to chat with the client, make them feel comfortable and establish why they have come for the healing. The second part is the hands-on treatment. One option is that the practitioner stands behind the client and gently rests their hands on the shoulders. The second choice is to sit next to the client at 90 degrees facing their right shoulder. The healer will then place their right hand on the solar plexus, which is one inch below the navel and left hand between the shoulder blades. Thirdly, the client lies face upwards, the healer stands on their right side placing the right hand on the solar plexus and left hand on the higher heart centre located one hand width below the collarbone in the centre of the chest. Whichever way makes the client feel secure, relaxed and comfortable is most appropriate. The healer then connects with the Creator’s white light and calls in the Angelic energies that resonate with the highest divine love aspect. The practitioner merges their energy body with the clients picking up impressions of their emotions, thoughts, at a feeling level or as physical awareness. The healing would last for about an hour. Finally, it is the opportunity for shared feedback from this experience as well as to offer guidance to move ahead and if need be make further appointments. Angel Reiki can also be done through absent or distant healing and is in every way as productive.

Who should do Angel Reiki?

Anyone suffering from negative repetitive life issues, wounded inner child, marital problems, depression, grief, money blocks and relationship entanglements. People, battling addictions, low energy levels, pains, aches, phobias and disorders. Someone, looking for a deeper meaning in life or those feeling caught in the web and drama of life and looking for their life purpose in a bid to understand the larger picture and the reality of our existence will all benefit immensely.

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