Hey Ruhi,
We met and connected like two magnets! I strongly believe that people come into our lives to help us ascend. It is popularly believed that one should not conduct a healing session if they are friends. I on the contrary believe that no one would understand your situation better. What you did for me has taken down a wall around me. The last week has been like a new experience of every minute that I have lived over so many times! I am so thankful of your presence in my life and totally awe struck of the way your handled and helped me in my ascension.
I love you 😘 !
4th June 2022

Dearest Ruhi,
I want to start by saying a very big ‘THANK YOU’ for coming into my life. I’ve now done a few sessions with you and I know something works, I feel a shift always and somehow more connected too. I tried to analyze what was happening but then dropped that and figured I loved the ‘mystical working’ and that’s enough for me. I feel safe and protected, just to know that I keep clearing, cleansing and dropping all that does not serve me, be it beliefs or behavior patterns.
And intuitively I know I will keep seeing you forever and ever.
With deepest heartfelt gratitude 🙏🏼♥️
23rd May 2022

Dear Ruhi,
I came to you as a lost soul, seeking answers, validation, forgiveness and peace; you were the caring, peaceful soul who held my hand and eased my storms and helped me land to shore peacefully… tornado after tornado, you cleared my conditioning and my beliefs. You transformed me from a lost soul to an angel with broad wings flying for the first time in forever…. I am grateful for your guidance, your enlightenment that has cleared my vision and granted the forgiveness that I need for myself and my ancestors… leaving me to start a new chapter of my life with a clear white paper to continue my story consciously.
Forever grateful for the awakening, the forgiveness and the clarity that you helped to get ✨

Thank you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

19th May 2022

Thank you very much!!!I feel amazing vibrations and changes everywhere.❤️ After the retreat, the most good and kind feelings surfaced.The whole universe responded, new people and new opportunities came.Thank you for this experience and incredible changes.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
27th April 2022

Hello dear Ruhi 🌹
While composing this message – I feel very hard to choose the right words as I feel to say just “Thank you word “ I feel it’s not enough …
Before my session with you – I always felt I’m fully happy person that can live my life and help myself ..
after our session – I felt my part of souls were United and I felt complete and truly happy, loving myself and feeling support of dear angels 👼 my eyes have been opened. My soul shining bright with many new colors in life 🙏🏼
I’m grateful to God , our Universe for letting me meet with you in this life beautiful soul ❤️🌹
Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
26th March 2022

Dearest Ruhi,
Your just a god send ❤️your magical and beautiful. I had my first session a few weeks ago, it’s addictive…it was meant to be… Thank you for my healing ❤️‍🩹 I feel blessed to have been able to get you to heal me. Energy …I had been holding on for several years showed up ❤️‍🩹needed releasing 🙏thank you so much Love ❤️ and Light
Ritika Sethi
6th March 2022

Hi Ruhi,
I wanted to take this opportunity thank you for the wonderful healing sessions. I’ve seen big shifts in my life after each session and the positive changes I see in my life. Your ability to go deep to understand the root cause of each issue and then be able to communicate it so beautifully is amazing. And I love that you’re able to heal once the root cause has been determined. Thank you again for all that you do!!!
3rd March 2022

My darling, angel, Ruhi
As the dust is settling down after yesterday’s storm, I am able to find the words to write the deepest and sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the work that you did on me.
The underlying resistance that I had no clue about, thinking that I had done the necessary healing on myself, assuming that I have come to terms with my past was such a delusional feeling.
I can only imagine how heavy it must have been for you to go through all this traumatic experience with me, but what surprised me the most is with how much grace and power you did it.
Here is where I have to admit, all my judgements, old beliefs and preconceived notions were shattered into pieces.
The problems that I thought I am aware about were only the tip of the iceberg and you had the courage to dig all the way through the core, enter into the darkest corners, fearlessly bringing light into the most tangled webs of my mind.
To say that I am thankful can never be enough. The continuous release that I was going through last night, sweating at least 2 liters of water, has had a tremendous impact on me.
My skin feels different, my body feels lighter, my soul is joyful, and my heart is beaming with love.
The mantras that you taught me last night are going to stay with me forever: Embracing the Masculine, Nurturing the Feminine, Accepting Myself.
What is even more interesting, is that early morning today I had received an invitation to do a workshop for Women’s Day at one of the biggest supply chain companies in GCC. I had written the agenda in no time, the words were just pouring from my head, the client loved the flow and confirmed for the workshop. I named it: “Learning to be Grateful for the Woman that You Are”
I am so so excited to be doing this session with so many women. My creative side is bursting out of happiness and my soul is feeling joyful and content as never before.
As you said the Divine Timing…
I will continue to integrate all the knowledge that you had passed to me, and spreading the word about your gift of healing.
You are truly one of the most powerful LightWorkers I have met 🙏🏻
Bowing Down to you in gratitude with my heart full of love and light.
Yours Truly,
02nd March 2022

Hi my sweetheart,, thanks a lot for this miracle meditation 🤍
It really helps me to change my negative thoughts and beliefs and free myself from all negative energy. Thanks for being the part that I know my self more and become more willing to know myself and know my strengths and weaknesses to live a better life😘😘😘 I appreciate every offer you did it for me 🤍🤍
28th February 2022

Thank you for truly taking me back in time to the deepest layers of myself and enabling a profound healing. Your session was so deep and insightful that it gave me answers to everything I was seeking. I felt light, energized, empowered and ready to make changes almost immediately. You are truly intuitive and so giving. Forever grateful 😇


22nd February 2022

Wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to Ruhi so was sceptical. As the session went on I became more and more relaxed and at the end of it felt like a Weight had been lifted from my body. It was like I had been at a spa retreat for days. Came out of the session extemely relaxed and at peace. In the weeks that followed I started noticing little things that started changing in my life. I also noticed the clarity of thought that I had. Ruhi was amazing! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to rebalance themselves or just feel the healing at an inner level or wants to understand why certain things are happening in their life.
28th December 2021

It was my first angel healing session with Ruhi and I have to say it was something that I have never experienced before. She is amazing at what she does. There has been a lot of chaos and confusion in my mind for some years now and the healing session with her really gave me the direction and the clarity to understand why I feel a certain way about my life and why things are the way they are. I feel relieved knowing what we discovered during the sessions. Thank you for helping me out with this. It was truly amazing.
1st November 2021

I really just wanted to thank you SOOOO much for the incredible workshop yesterday and meeting you! I truly loved every moment and it’s one of the greatest blessings crossing paths with you.
For the first time in years I slept before 12am, and it felt absolutely amazing. I got my answer, the key to my perfect weight – sleep, water, creativity. I asked my ancestors if there was something else, they said to keep up the courage. I’ve been feeling great after the workshop, so many shifts I’m really grateful.
I’m really looking forward to seeing you again and spending more time with you. You’re a gift to this world and I feel so lucky to know you. I feel so supported by you and am eternally grateful. I’ll do what I can so more people can experience your pure magic. God bless you Ruhi, thank you for making this world a better place.
Have a magical day ahead, love you loads
Christina Awad
3rd October 2021

I approached Ruhi for a healing session on the recommendation of a dear friend….And i am Blessed, as it has ,Truly changed my Life!!
Ruhi has a Wonderful Magical Divine gift and is able to Help you ,move ahead with deep compassion & caring from all that is holding you back to a Brighter Beautiful future ,armed with tools of Self Love and a belief that Happiness & Joy is yours for the asking.
I am truly Grateful to her today, as I navigate life Empowered Stronger and Limitless
9th September 2021

I feel so grateful having had my first healing session with Ruhi. Only being 17, feeling lost and confusion, the session had allowed me to feel relief and clarity – a pressure was lifted. It also helped me understand myself and why I was feeling the way I was. I knew I was in capable hands especially with how she approached the session carefully and compassionately and I felt comfortable and open throughout it all. Towards the end, she guided me on how to positively go forward with any future problems.
I really recommend a healing session with Ruhi towards anyone of any age, whether or not there are feelings of being lost, or just seeking to appreciate and recognise yourself.
12th August 2021

I feel so grateful having had my first healing session with Ruhi. Only being 17, feeling lost and confusion, the session had allowed me to feel relief and clarity – a pressure was lifted. It also helped me understand myself and why I was feeling the way I was. I knew I was in capable hands especially with how she approached the session carefully and compassionately and I felt comfortable and open throughout it all. Towards the end, she guided me on how to positively go forward with any future problems.
I really recommend a healing session with Ruhi towards anyone of any age, whether or not there are feelings of being lost, or just seeking to appreciate and recognise yourself.
16th July 2021

I can’t start to express how good I feel since I had my first healing at Heart of blessings. It has showed me a new way of living my own life. There were so many things I didn’t know about myself which has now showed up and helped me to understand where all the problems were and what was going wrong . I feel so light ,fresh and free from all the past baggage I had . It’s a small new step everyday . I am so glad I met Ruhi because I feel she is genuinely gifted and she is here to help who are in need and need some directions.
27th June 2021

It was my first time ever trying Angels healing and Ruhi was a great guide and an awesome healer.
I felt refreshed and much lighter and liberated right after the session.
I did in total 3 sessions and the last one was with my mother. It was very intense and beautiful.
This healing therapy was the best I ever had in my life.
I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience a reading with her and have such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!!!
Thank you again Ruhi for your passion and honesty, enlightening and deeply life changing experience.
15th June 2021

I want to thank Ruhi for her healing sessions. I was confused and seeking for answers, I couldn’t find anywhere. Chaos and uncertainty of today’s life brought fears and sadness upon me, which covered my chest as a blanket. After the first session, and during it, – I felt a great relief and was able to breath deeply. Ruhi’s great gift of healing helped me to get answers for questions I had for over 15 years! I am so happy and truly grateful for our meeting. I’m on the way for the greatest transformation of my life!
Thank you 🙏❤️
13th June 2021

I was gifted a session with Ruhi by a dear friend who has been her long term client. Ruhi dedicated about 2 solid hours with me, during which she worked in depth on helping me to surface and befriend my past and shadows. At no point was I asked to recount or provide information about any trauma, what you share is entirely up to you. Ruhi is friendly and caring and I would recommend her services to anyone interested in wellness and healing through ancient wisdom.
31st May 2021

I would like to leave this review of my experience and I hope more people are guided to heal themselves. I was referred to Ruhi by a very good friend who had a wonderful experience, and I am very happy that I kept an open mind and went for my healing session. It has been the most enlightening experience. I want to thank you Ruhi for creating the safe space for me, for your compassion and patience. You are a blessing and I pray that others get to receive this healing through your gift. I’m grateful for your dedication to this work to help people like me live our authentic and joyous life.
6th May 2021

Thank you so much for your help! I am so glad I met you at the right time of my life. I don’t even know how my life would be right now without this healing. I was literally lost and didn’t even know what to do thinking and thinking how to live further. Finally after so many days of crying and struggling I have all the answers to my questions and I feel happier than ever! I feel free and happy now! No one can make you happy but only ourselves! Thank you for helping to discover a true me…. I am crying from happiness and blessings. I wish I get to know you earlier and I wish people believe in such things. Thank you so much! I have no words to thank you enough.
Tatiana Phanti
23rd April 2021

It is hard to put into words how remarkable my experience was during the healing with Ruhi. She will truly guide you in a comforting and calm manner throughout your journey to discover your inner self. She helped me understand and have perspective on life’s challenges and I am forever grateful for that. Ruhi utilizes her special ability to help you discover the guidance needed to tackle any challenge/question life has thrown your way. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to grow spiritually and live a happier and more balanced life.
14th February 2021

I was introduced to Ruhi through a dear friend who had got her healing done with her and highly recommended her. Initially I was sceptical as I did not really understand the concept but then decided to give healing a try & low and behold Ruhi was destined to be my healer! The session was absolutely amazing & Ruhi was able to understand my pain. She did her prayers and downloads for me & I actually experienced the positive effects in the days to follow. Ruhi is blessed with a beautiful energy & is extremely gentle. After the session I had a few questions I put up to her & she was able to give me so much clarity in regards to what I was struggling to understand. She is a blessed soul & I would recommend healing with her for sure. Thank you so much Ruhi. God Bless,
18th January 2021

I have to say, you’re amazingly accurate! Thank you so, so much. I feel like your voice will guide me now because all that you said was very powerful and will surely ring in my head.
Pranav kumar
7th December 2020

Just wanted to thank you a lot for your amazing skills of healing and you should know that you are a gifted person. May God bless you and your family. Of course might take some time to balance my energy, but I always have that strength and faith that I can and I will with all your advices and great process of healing. Your connection is very important with our souls and bodies to find out what is the cause of imbalanced energy, and it is extremely amazing how you can manage to have the connection with the archangels angels and creatorThanks for being there for us. Will keep in touch
19th October 2020

Ruhi is my go to person!! She is an  answer to all kinds of problems. She’s a real life-angel – a real life saver, a miracle worker, an absolute blessing. She’s intuitive, she’s gifted and she can tell you what perhaps a doctor won’t pick up! Sometimes they’re unresolved issues that fester within us..sometimes they’re genetics involved, sometimes we are just stuck!!! Help yourself by getting Ruhi to nudge you in the right direction. She gets the pulse of the problem..she eliminates issues, even the most deep-rooted ones. I can’t help but scream from rooftops about how effective and thorough her healings are. Ruhi gives you a 1000% in a 1-hr session that’s so detailed, she is bang on in her assessment and predictions. If you have a problem, she’ll find it…she’ll help you solve it.
Divya Wadhwa
18th September 2020

I was referred to Ruhi, by a dear friend who’s already taken a few sessions with her, and in my experience she was even more professional and helpful than what he claimed. Unlike most “professionals” she doesn’t keep a timer ticking to shut you off, further she ensures that in whatsoever way she can help and educate her client, she does. Also the energy one feels after each of her sessions, is something which can’t be explained in words but there’s a subconscious cleansing and recollection that takes place. Further, it’s not just the session, but the days that follow that make you realise what all you were holding within yourself.
Nikhil Palli
14th September 2020

Ruhi has been a god blessed angel in my life. I can never ever thank my best friend Divya to have introduced me to her. She has helped me to anchor my life to the real happiness and gratitude towards the creator. I am today at a place where I am not in pain or bitterness towards the people who have hurt me in my life. Thank you Ruhi for showing me how to live without pain and with true happiness.
Aditi Aggarwala
12th August 2020

Ruhi is an exceptionally gifted healer. She was spot on in sensing and guiding me in my healing journey with her. Ever since this new found path of self discovery, it’s been nothing but transformational in every area of my life. Have never felt more than one with myself. She’s one of the most warm hearted, giving souls and glad that she was the one to re-introduce me to my self discovery. Forever Grateful
Namita Punjabi
11th August 2020

I have been to Heart of Blessings a few times for healing sessions and angelic guidance and every time I have had remarkable breakthroughs. In the crazy chaotic world we live in, it’s so important to have a spiritual guiding light and I believe Ruhi is truly a gifted healer and medium who is that light.
Shagorika Heryani
31st March 2020

Today I got a healing done from Misses Sachar in California and I have never felt more relaxed and free. I went into this session with an open mind but didn’t expect anything. This experience was a spectacular one as I have never had this experience before. She analyzed my chakras and cleansed me of all anxiety, fear and stress that I had pent up since I was born. Her methods of healing are amazing and it’s definitely something to look forward to as you come out as a fresh new person. I feel relieved of years of wear and tear of psychological burden that my mind and soul was carrying for this long. I will definitely recommend her healing sessions as she is an amazing spiritual healer and an amazing person.
Akshit Dewan
31st March 2020

I had an awesome experience of getting distance healing from Ruhi! She is extremely skilled at healing. I have had the experience of dealing with spiritual masters in the past, but my experience of healing by her has been the best! I was trapped into feelings of stress, anxiety and insecurity but she taught me about all these negative energies and how to get positive energy from Mother Nature and to connect with light beings and refurbish myself with all these positive energies. I am truly rejuvenated by her healing and will recommend her to my family and friends for getting healing. She helps people with the purest of intent and I feel blessed to have got this healing from her. May God bless her with prosperity, happiness and success!
Rajeev Dewan
24th March 2020

I met Ruhi in one of the school fairs and immediately connected. Until I met Ruhi I had never heard about angelic oracle reading and thought of giving it a shot. Our session opened up a sense of possibility and creative passion in me that I haven’t been in touch with for quite some time.I felt energized and clear. Thank you for reminding me of  what I am and what I was missing. I feel unleashed and powerful.
Punam Varshney
15th March 2020

It’s a fabulous meditation center and even the founder- Ruhi Sachar is wonderful! I definitely recommend it!
Aarav Chabra
14th February 2020

Thank you @heart of blessings. I loved the place. You two ladies are so positive and I loved the angel reading and crystal healing. It just gave a new perspective of seeing myself in this world. Thank you. You guys are doing amazing work to heal and make people feel peaceful ! It was indeed a pleasure to be there.
Kanchan Achara
1st February 2020

Thank you Ruhi!
It was a wonderful experience full of love, kindness, harmony and light. God bless you and “Heart of Blessings” for bringing peace to our lives!
30th January 2020

Very unique initiative of opening of this venture by a very evolved and connected soul, to spread the light of love, humanity and awareness.
I am sure it is coming at a time and place where each one of us is looking for answers, guiding light, peace and tranquility….!!!!
I am sure this would be creating a zone of love, peace and harmony to whomsoever it influences.
Awesome….Ruhi Sachar ….this is only feasible as you have mastered the art of being in synergy with your angels and have learnt to be in synchronization with cosmic energies….hence alignment happens…more to you….!!!
Stay blessed
God bless.
Col Vivek Sharma
4th January 2020

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