Ruhi is my go to person!! She is an  answer to all kinds of problems. She’s a real life-angel – a real life saver, a miracle worker, an absolute blessing. She’s intuitive, she’s gifted and she can tell you what perhaps a doctor won’t pick up! Sometimes they’re unresolved issues that fester within us..sometimes they’re genetics involved, sometimes we are just stuck!!! Help yourself by getting Ruhi to nudge you in the right direction. She gets the pulse of the problem..she eliminates issues, even the most deep-rooted ones. I can’t help but scream from rooftops about how effective and thorough her healings are. Ruhi gives you a 1000% in a 1-hr session that’s so detailed, she is bang on in her assessment and predictions. If you have a problem, she’ll find it…she’ll help you solve it.
Divya Wadhwa
18th September 2020

I was referred to Ruhi, by a dear friend who’s already taken a few sessions with her, and in my experience she was even more professional and helpful than what he claimed. Unlike most “professionals” she doesn’t keep a timer ticking to shut you off, further she ensures that in whatsoever way she can help and educate her client, she does. Also the energy one feels after each of her sessions, is something which can’t be explained in words but there’s a subconscious cleansing and recollection that takes place. Further, it’s not just the session, but the days that follow that make you realise what all you were holding within yourself.
Nikhil Palli
14th September 2020

Ruhi has been a god blessed angel in my life. I can never ever thank my best friend Divya to have introduced me to her. She has helped me to anchor my life to the real happiness and gratitude towards the creator. I am today at a place where I am not in pain or bitterness towards the people who have hurt me in my life. Thank you Ruhi for showing me how to live without pain and with true happiness.
Aditi Aggarwala
12th August 2020

Ruhi is an exceptionally gifted healer. She was spot on in sensing and guiding me in my healing journey with her. Ever since this new found path of self discovery, it’s been nothing but transformational in every area of my life. Have never felt more than one with myself. She’s one of the most warm hearted, giving souls and glad that she was the one to re-introduce me to my self discovery. Forever Grateful
Namita Punjabi
11th August 2020

I have been to Heart of Blessings a few times for healing sessions and angelic guidance and every time I have had remarkable breakthroughs. In the crazy chaotic world we live in, it’s so important to have a spiritual guiding light and I believe Ruhi is truly a gifted healer and medium who is that light.
Shagorika Heryani
31st March 2020

Today I got a healing done from Misses Sachar in California and I have never felt more relaxed and free. I went into this session with an open mind but didn’t expect anything. This experience was a spectacular one as I have never had this experience before. She analyzed my chakras and cleansed me of all anxiety, fear and stress that I had pent up since I was born. Her methods of healing are amazing and it’s definitely something to look forward to as you come out as a fresh new person. I feel relieved of years of wear and tear of psychological burden that my mind and soul was carrying for this long. I will definitely recommend her healing sessions as she is an amazing spiritual healer and an amazing person.
Akshit Dewan
31st March 2020

I had an awesome experience of getting distance healing from Ruhi! She is extremely skilled at healing. I have had the experience of dealing with spiritual masters in the past, but my experience of healing by her has been the best! I was trapped into feelings of stress, anxiety and insecurity but she taught me about all these negative energies and how to get positive energy from Mother Nature and to connect with light beings and refurbish myself with all these positive energies. I am truly rejuvenated by her healing and will recommend her to my family and friends for getting healing. She helps people with the purest of intent and I feel blessed to have got this healing from her. May God bless her with prosperity, happiness and success!
Rajeev Dewan
24th March 2020

I met Ruhi in one of the school fairs and immediately connected. Until I met Ruhi I had never heard about angelic oracle reading and thought of giving it a shot. Our session opened up a sense of possibility and creative passion in me that I haven’t been in touch with for quite some time.I felt energized and clear. Thank you for reminding me of  what I am and what I was missing. I feel unleashed and powerful.
Punam Varshney
15th March 2020

I am very grateful for this healing session. I am already feeling much lighter. My attitude towards my family has changed. I’m more accepting and in control of my anger. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve started doing some of the things you asked me to and will do the others this week. I will keep you updated on my progress.
Yashika Kumar
13th March 2020

Thank you @heart of blessings. I loved the place. You two ladies are so positive and I loved the angel reading and crystal healing. It just gave a new perspective of seeing myself in this world. Thank you. You guys are doing amazing work to heal and make people feel peaceful ! It was indeed a pleasure to be there.
Kanchan Achara
1st February 2020

Thank you Ruhi!
It was a wonderful experience full of love, kindness, harmony and light. God bless you and “Heart of Blessings” for bringing peace to our lives!
30th jan 2020

It’s a fabulous meditation center and even the founder- Ruhi Sachar is wonderful! I definitely recommend it!
Aarav Chabra
14th February 2020

Very unique initiative of opening of this venture by a very evolved and connected soul, to spread the light of love, humanity and awareness.
I am sure it is coming at a time and place where each one of us is looking for answers, guiding light, peace and tranquility….!!!!
I am sure this would be creating a zone of love, peace and harmony to whomsoever it influences.
Awesome….Ruhi Sachar ….this is only feasible as you have mastered the art of being in synergy with your angels and have learnt to be in synchronization with cosmic energies….hence alignment happens…more to you….!!!
Stay blessed
God bless.
Col Vivek Sharma
4th Jan 2020